Production with respect to nature

Mission & Vision

The number one goal from PRODUCCIONES AGRICOLAS MATILDA E.I.R.L. is the promotion of a humane future for the Indio-Families in the Peruvian andes. This should be achieved through adequate assistance to help the Indios achieve self independence.
The on-site production facilities are lead and operated to 100% by indigenous Indios .
All the work is done harmoniously with nature and with respect to the environment.

Social engagement

  • PRODUCCIONES AGRICOLAS MATILDA E.I.R.L. not only focuses on the well being of individuals but also their entire families.


  • At the same time PRODUCCIONES AGRICOLAS MATILDA E.I.R.L. supports the non-profit organization INDIAN FOR EVER with some of the profits from the avocado trees.


Our fields

PRODUCCIONES AGRICOLAS MATILDA E.I.R.L. is a pioneer in this andes region in concern to the production and export of "Hass" avocados. Currently 20 hectares are planted and there is a remaining 12 hectares that can be planted on. The rest of MATILDA is completely wild nature and comprises of cliffs, where parrots nest. Also two rivers, Rio Colorado and Rio Blanco, converge in the MATILDA area. The land is a paradise with plenty of wild animals, plants, pumas, bats, falcons, songbirds and much more. It is a natural and protected piece of land.
MATILDA comprises of 52 hectares of land. It is situated at the entrance of the national park "Machu Picchu", embedded in the Cordeillera de Vilcanota on the way from Cuzco to Abancay. MATILDA lies 2'200m above sea and the climate is optimal for the plantation of avocados as it is hot and humid.


All work, the ordering of the fields, the plantation, care for the plants and harvest are done with the greatest respect for the nature and the environment, which in this area is still healthy and upheld. We are convinced that we have to work alongside the nature so that the fields provide fruits for a long time, and the people prosper in life.

Executive directors

PRODUCCIONES AGRICOLAS MATILDA E.I.R.L is lead by a Peruvian-Swiss couple: Victor Cáceres and Astrid Olivia. Victor Cáceres is a native Peruvian and comes from the region around MATILDA / Limatambo.
Together, Victor Cáceres and Astrid Olivia founded the Fairtrade company ORO DEL INCA S.R.L. ( and the non-profit organisation INDIAN FOR EVER ( It operates since 1998 providing help projects for the Indios in the Peruvian andes.

In 2009 the Peruvian government awarded Victor Cáceres and Astrid Olivia with the highest certificate for "Extraordinary Achievements", for their social engagement with the Indios.