Harvest & Export

Excellent quality for Europe


By far, the greatest part of our plantation is planted with avocado trees. The avocados with the classification "Hass" are intended for the export. All remaining fruits are sold on local markets in Peru.
Depending on weather conditions, the harvest period of the avocados can shift by up to 3-4 weeks. Normally we begin the harvest in February and the last fruits leave our land in the middle of April. This is a very good period to harvest avocados, since during this time of year there are a lot less avocados on the global market and as such the demand is greater.
In addition to our employed specialists, we fly in a renowned Agro-Engineer from Lima. He upholds our fruit quality through professional monitoring. Together with our team he spends days controlling the entire plantation and decides what needs to be done.

We've been exporting our fruits to Europe since 5 years. The biggest part is sold in Switzerland.